Greenwich Street Townhouse by Rob Stuart

Designed by Rob Stuart Interiors, this fresh traditional residence is situated in West Village, New York, United States.

Description by Rob Stuart

A decade old town home looks to traditional elements to ground it in history. This fearless family yearned for a color infused, yet calming, fresh design all with the detail and nuance of a rarified turn of the century townhouse.

Vintage mantles, layered moldings, patterned wallpapers and colorful fabrics come together in this family friendly home. We nudged various walls slightly throughout the floor plan to provide for a more spacious feel. The challenge in the master bedroom was to create a luxurious closet space without visually compromising the size of the room.

Splitting the closet into three sections, we camouflaged the largest center walk-in closet behind padded screens. The other sections live behind antique mirrored French doors. The shoe closet is concealed behind a full length mirror and the ‘Love Art’ piece cleverly hides…well, it’s a secret.

While the master bath is of a classic design, the guest bath is a glossy tribute to old New York society. The kids bath, on the other hand, is a fun take on seaside, nautical chic.

In the basement we constructed a cozy family room replete with coffered woodgrain ceilings, an antique mantle and fun fabrics working together to host family fun. “Though it’s all newly created, it’s difficult to believe the details are not original.”

Photography by Donna Dotan

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- by Matt Watts