Wrottesley Road House by Marsh & Parsons

Wrottesley Road House is an inspiring residence located in London, United Kingdom, designed by Marsh & Parsons.

Stylish open-plan living space with rustic wooden beams and chic decor.
Eclectic kitchen with skylights, wood floors, and vintage decor.
A modern kitchen with a central island and skylights.
Elegant living room with white brick fireplace and wood accents.
Elegant bedroom with blue walls, white bedding, wooden floor, and fireplace.
Elegant bedroom with a tufted headboard, chandelier, and French
Vintage-style bathroom with freestanding tub, pedestal sink, and floral wallpaper.

About Wrottesley Road House

In the heart of London’s charming neighborhoods lies Wrottesley Road House, a testament to country elegance fused with city vibrancy. Designed by the esteemed Marsh & Parsons, this London-based residence exudes a refined country design style that whispers of the past while speaking to the present. As we journey through its spaces, we uncover the intricate layers of a house that is truly a home.

A Harmonious Blend of Tradition and Modernity

Upon entry, the living room greets visitors with a warm embrace. Rustic wooden beams cross the ceiling, a heritage touch against the modernity of the skylights. The kitchen, a seamless blend of function and style, features open shelving and a robust island, inviting both culinary exploits and intimate gatherings. This heart of the home resonates with the laughter and stories that echo from its walls.

Transitioning to the realm of rejuvenation, the bathroom’s standalone tub under a window becomes a sanctuary. Here, the classic pedestal sinks mirror the timeless quality of Wrottesley Road House, while the gentle wallpaper pattern adds a soft, botanical grace to the space.

Intimate Corners and Expansive Views

The bedrooms of the house offer tranquil retreats. The master bedroom, with its plush headboard and crisp linens, opens to a private balcony, marrying the comfort within to the serenity of London’s skies. Another bedroom, cloaked in deep teal, holds a grandeur with its ornate fireplace and luxurious textiles, offering views of the bustling street life.

The final treasure of Wrottesley Road House is a living space where a white brick fireplace stands as a beacon of warmth. Around it, furnishings with rich textures and earthy tones gather, creating an enclave for family and friends to unite.

A Country Heart in the City’s Pulse

Concluding our tour, we find ourselves in a dining area where the rustic charm is palpable. Wicker and wood dominate, with a wall of decorative plates and an antler chandelier nodding to the countryside roots of the design. Here, the outside comes in, with garden doors inviting the gentle play of natural light and fresh air.

Wrottesley Road House stands as a marvel of design by Marsh & Parsons, a blend of the pastoral and the urban, a country heart beating strong within the city’s pulse.

Photography courtesy of Marsh & Parsons

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- by Matt Watts