XIV Toba Bettei by Nikken

Designed in 2016 by Nikken, XIV Toba Bettei is a beautiful membership resort hotel is situated in Toba, Ise-Shima, Japan.

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About XIV Toba Bettei

Reviving Tradition in Modern Design

Nestled in Ise-Shima, the site of the 2016 G7 Summit, this annex to a resort hotel in Toba seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. Overlooking the serene waters of Ise-Shima, it features an authentic Japanese-style garden and a large pond. This pond artfully extends to the sea, creating a sense of unbroken continuity. The interior boasts a Japanese design, innovatively reinterpreted for the modern era.

Harmonious Interiors: TeiokuIchinyo Concept

The overarching concept, TeiokuIchinyo, symbolizes the perfect harmony between architecture and nature. This philosophy permeates the interior design, connecting rooms with the breathtaking external vistas. The guest rooms echo traditional Japanese aesthetics, following the IneiRaisan concept. This approach highlights Japan’s age-old beauty through its traditional lighting.

A Fusion of Traditional Elements and Modern Design

In these spaces, Japanese architectural traits blend with original settings and traditional materials. The use of asymmetrical planes and sliding paper doors creates a seamless indoor-outdoor experience. Headboards, fashioned as wind-protective bedside screens, add a touch of elegance.

The walls feature a unique twelve-layered design, housing television storage boards. This intricate layering gives the illusion of art through overlapping panels. Watermark techniques adorn Japanese paper screens and lattices, softly filtering light and air.

Prioritizing a low line of sight, the furniture’s low center of gravity enhances the room’s ambiance. Low lighting, achieved with paper-framed lamps, complements the traditional materials like wood, paper, gilt leaf, and lacquer.

To complete this unique Japanese style, traditional colors of vermillion, indigo, and mustard-yellow are enriched with gold, silver, and copper. This blend creates a captivating, yet authentically Japanese atmosphere.

Photography by Nacása & Partners

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- by Matt Watts