Stone House by MATERIAprima

Stone House is a traditional residence redesigned by MATERIAprima situated in Pennapiedimonte, Italy.

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About Stone House

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Pennapiedimonte, Italy, the Stone House emerges as a testament to traditional architecture and design. MATERIAprima, the design firm behind this project, masterfully bridges the ancient with the contemporary, presenting a real estate gem that pays homage to its stone heritage.

Timeless Facade

In the quaint village of Pennapiedimonte, Italy, the Stone House stands as a masterpiece combining the old with the new. Designed by the firm MATERIAprima, this house exemplifies a deep respect for traditional stone architecture, infused with modern sensibilities.

A Blend of History and Modernity

As you arrive, the Stone House welcomes you with its historic stone walls, highlighted by elegant lighting that showcases its texture and depth. This is a house where history is illuminated, not overshadowed, by contemporary touches.

Inside the Stone Walls

Inside, the house continues its story. The living room pairs clean lines and subdued colors against the backdrop of rustic stone, striking a balance between comfort and historic charm. The house reveals a design that’s both practical and respectful of its origins, with natural stone celebrated in each room.

The private spaces like bedrooms and bathrooms follow suit, integrating the rough beauty of stone and arches into their serene design. MATERIAprima has crafted not just a house, but a living piece of art, where traditional materials are part of everyday life.

Living with Heritage

The Stone House is more than a structure; it’s a homage to heritage. Textures and light play together to create a sense of belonging to both the past and the present. In the embrace of Pennapiedimonte, the Stone House by MATERIAprima is a true testament to living with history, offering a home that’s as timeless as the stone it’s built from.

Photography by Sergio Camplone

- by Matt Watts