Meadow Drive Home by Pierce Architects

Meadow Drive Home is a beautiful mountain house located in Veil, Colorado, designed in 2016 by Pierce Architects.

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About Meadow Drive Home

Nestled in the serene landscapes of Vail, Colorado, the Meadow Drive Home stands as a testament to Pierce Architects’ mastery of blending rustic charm with contemporary design. Conceived in 2016, this mountain house evokes the spirit of its surroundings while offering a modern living experience.

Architectural Harmony with Nature

Approaching the Meadow Drive Home, one is struck by its organic integration with the Colorado landscape. The exterior, a symphony of natural wood and expansive windows, suggests a dialogue between indoor comfort and the wilds of Vail. The strategic use of lighting complements the twilight sky, promising warmth within.

Transitioning inside, the living room welcomes with its open design and grand windows that frame nature as living art. The fireplace, central to the space, radiates a cozy ambiance, inviting intimate gatherings and quiet reflection.

Culinary and Dining Craftsmanship

The heart of the home, the kitchen, unfolds in sleek lines and polished surfaces, offering state-of-the-art amenities for culinary exploration. It merges seamlessly with the dining area, where the rustic meets the modern in a perfect balance for entertaining.

Ascending to the second floor, the secondary living space continues the narrative of comfort and style, with furnishings that echo the home’s earthy palette and modern sensibilities.

Private Retreats and Lavish Comforts

The bedrooms, designed as sanctuaries, offer tranquil vistas and crafted woodwork, fostering a sense of retreat. The bathrooms, featuring clean lines and luxury finishes, provide spa-like escapes within the home’s embrace.

The Meadow Drive Home is more than a dwelling; it’s a Pierce Architects masterpiece that captures the essence of its Vail locale—where every beam, every pane of glass, tells the story of a home in harmony with its place in the world.

Photography by Dan Davis, Zach Mahone

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- by Matt Watts