Apartment S by Christian Schwienbacher

Designed by Christian Schwienbacher, Apartment S is a modern apartment situated in Brixen, Italy.

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About Apartment S

Modern Living Meets Natural Elegance in Apartment S

Designed by the visionary Christian Schwienbacher, Apartment S stands as a beacon of modern living in Brixen, Italy. This apartment, a tapestry of design and functionality, showcases a contemporary style that harmonizes with its Alpine surroundings.

The Heart of the Home: The Living Room

The journey within Apartment S begins in the living room, where natural light dances on sleek oak floors. A bold red chair becomes the focal point, juxtaposed against the minimalist design. The open shelving unit, crafted from the same wood, displays curated artifacts, marrying form and function.

A Haven for Bibliophiles: The Library

Next, the library beckons, offering a sanctuary for contemplation. Floor-to-ceiling bookshelves brim with literature, flanked by expansive windows that invite the outside in. The warm wooden flooring continues, leading to a serene balcony that captures the essence of Brixen’s beauty.

Culinary Delight: The Kitchen and Dining Room

Moving into the kitchen and dining area, one finds a space where simplicity reigns. The streamlined cabinetry and surfaces are accentuated by a bespoke dining table. Here, functionality meets elegance, providing a backdrop for memorable meals with a view of the snow-capped mountains.

Tranquil Retreat: The Bathroom

The narrative concludes in the bathroom, a tranquil retreat clad in vibrant green tiles. The contrast of the modern fixtures with the rustic oak floor offers a sensory experience, while a window frames nature as the ultimate work of art.

In Apartment S, every room narrates a story of design purity and natural allure, a testament to Christian Schwienbacher’s mastery in creating a space that is not only a place to live but a place to feel alive.

Photography by Oliver Jaist

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- by Matt Watts