5th Street Residence by Electric Bowery

This mid-century influenced home located in Santa Monica, California, was designed by Electric Bowery.

Description by Electric Bowery

Electric Bowery designed this mid-century influenced home for a large corner lot in the Ocean Park neighborhood of Santa Monica. The ground floor opens entirely onto a grassy yard and patio, surrounded by lush landscape. With ample floor-to-ceiling glazing on the ground floor, and a large open living space at the second level, the house is flooded with natural light. The exterior is clad in bleached cedar and stucco, with a second story deck that breaks up the massing and relates to the corner at the second level. Inside, concrete and oak floors are paired with plaster walls and custom oak millwork, and the open ground floor plan is further defined by a change in level between the living and dining spaces.

Photography by Tessa Neustadt

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- by Matt Watts

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