M House by Irving Philips

M House is a mid-century modern residence designed by Irving Philips situated in California, United States.

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About M House

M House: A Californian Mid-Century Modern Masterpiece

Nestled in the heart of California, M House by Irving Philips captivates with its mid-century modern elegance. The exterior boasts clean lines, where the expansive patio transitions into a striking living room with floor-to-ceiling glass, blurring the lines between inside and out.

Inside M House: Where Classic Meets Contemporary

Stepping inside, the living room greets visitors with an open embrace. Polished concrete floors reflect the natural light that dances through generous windows, while the wooden ceiling adds warmth. Sleek furnishings, accented by a unique cowhide rug, sit in conversation, promising comfort and style.

Flowing naturally from the living area, the kitchen presents a picture of modern functionality. Marble countertops contrast with the rich wooden cabinetry, and state-of-the-art appliances whisper of gourmet stories yet to unfold. Overhead, pendant lights cast a golden hue, beckoning family and guests to the heart of the home.

Adjacent lies the dining room, a space that marries sophistication with intimacy. Here, a robust wooden table anchors the room, surrounded by inviting mid-century chairs. The open design seamlessly integrates with the outdoor view, ensuring every meal is accompanied by California’s natural beauty.

The Tranquil Retreat: M House’s Bathroom

The narrative concludes in the bathroom, a sanctuary of calm. Wood meets glass in a dance of texture and light, with a long bench inviting a moment of repose. The walk-in shower’s clear lines echo the home’s architectural philosophy: simplicity, beauty, functionality.

M House stands as a testament to Irving Philips’ vision—where design meets livability under the California sun. Every corner, every view, is a deliberate stroke of genius, creating a timeless space that’s both a retreat and a statement.

Photography by Sherri J Photography

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- by Matt Watts