Almeda Home by Sincro

Situated in Barcelona, Spain, Almeda Home is a modern 1,130 sq ft home redesigned by Sincro.

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About Almeda Home

Turning Vision Into Reality

What was our aim? To turn an industrial space over 100m2 (about 1,076 ft2) on the first floor into a warm family nest.

More Than Just a Makeover

This wasn’t just a simple touch-up. Firstly, we closed gaps linking to the building’s ground floor. Then, we changed window areas and boosted sound and warmth insulation. We also tweaked shared facilities. On top of that, we got a thumbs-up from the City Council to switch from industrial to city living.

Bright Days Ahead

For the living room, we made a sunny, flexible area with easy-to-move sofas. This setup allows families to reshape the room for gatherings. Next to this, you’ll find the kitchen and dining space. What stands out? A mix of cool industrial vibes from black iron plates and a cozy bar separated by wooden slats. Plus, the kitchen’s white shade not only boosts light but also blends well with other materials.

Quiet Nights In

The day area neatly divides the kids’ rooms from the main bedroom, giving everyone their own space. Beside the main bedroom, there’s a roomy bathroom. We chose white for its furniture and surfaces, giving off a clean, fresh feel. And even though it doesn’t have windows, the white makes it feel bright. Also, there’s a hidden laundry spot, neatly tucked away behind foldable doors.

Easy Living, Smart Choices

Lastly, the house comes with a Z-wave system, letting folks tweak lights, check energy use, and choose from preset mood settings. And when it comes to staying warm or cool, users can set different room temperatures, plan heating or cooling times, and even make changes while they’re out and about.

Photography courtesy of Sincro

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- by Matt Watts