Apartment in Kiev by MalyKrasota Design

This 818 sq ft modern midcentury apartment located in Kiev, Ukraine, has been recently designed by MalyKrasota Design.

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Description by MalyKrasota Design

Apartment in the center of Kiev, with view to the botanical garden.

Initially, on area of 76 square meters was located: a living room with a kitchen separated by a decorative partition, a bathroom, and a dressing room with a bedroom.

Changes in the planing was insignificant, the main areas remained in place.

During the restoration, it was decided to get rid of the bulky wardrobe in a small hallway, dividing the storage space into several parts and hid them in a niche.

The decision to get rid of the partition in the living room made the space of the day zone, which included the kitchen, living room and hallway more open, and filled with light. And view that opens out of three large windows can be enjoyed from almost anywhere in the living room.

The marble kitchen island became the center of this zone, and works both as a dining table and as an additional kitchen surface.
Light gray paneled kitchen fronts added a bit of pretentiousness, smoothing out the strict geometric shape of the island. And minimalistic gold furniture handles, kitchen faucet and lamps added a little shine.

The whole interior was built on this principle: in combination with a bit lush classical forms, colors and materials, more minimalist and discreet objects appear.

So, next to a large emerald-green velvet sofa and a pouf, there is a modern armchair with a frame made of fine black metal.

Another bright accent in the living room is a hand-made carpet from Kiev studio ZV’YAZANI in ethnic style, made according to traditional technology.

The bathtub and the walk-through shower were visually identified with black marble tiles. On the walls used glossy white tiles.
The accent in this room has now become a drawer under the washbasin with a rich walnut texture, which can often be found in the furniture of the Soviet period.

The color scheme of the bedroom was determined by golden velvet curtains and an armchair, which took place in a semicircular area near a large window overlooking the botanical garden. Opposite them is a bed, simpler in shape and color. And in addition to it, there were bedside tables wich has the same texture as he bathroom drawer.

It’s quite difficult to describe the interior style in one word; different styles, textures, patterns, materials and colors are mixed here to create an atmosphere of a home in a modern, fast-growing city – minimalistic, light, but not cold. sometimes pretentious and lush, sometimes nostalgic, but not contrary to modern aesthetics.

Photography by Alexey Yanchenkov

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- by Matt Watts