Apartment in Kyiv by MalyKrasota Design

Apartment in Kyiv is a 818 sq ft modern mid-century apartment located in the Ukraine’s capital, and designed by MalyKrasota Design.

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About Apartment in Kyiv

Kiev Central Apartment: A Modern Fusion with Botanical Views

Nestled in the heart of Kiev, this apartment proudly offers views of the botanical garden. Originally spanning 76-square-meters (approximately 818 square feet), the space encompassed a living room, kitchen, bathroom, dressing room, and bedroom.

While the general layout saw only minor alterations, several key design choices revitalized the apartment. For instance, by removing the bulky hallway wardrobe, we seamlessly integrated storage into hidden niches.

Breathing Life into Living Spaces

Additionally, by eliminating the partition in the living area, the combined spaces of the kitchen, living room, and hallway became drenched in light and openness. Now, thanks to this change, residents can appreciate the picturesque views from three large windows. At the core of this radiant space stands the multi-functional marble kitchen island. Serving as both a dining table and an additional kitchen surface, its presence is accentuated by light gray paneled fronts. Furthermore, tasteful touches like gold handles, faucets, and lamps infuse the room with subtle opulence.

Blending traditional and contemporary, the decor juxtaposes bold, classic elements with minimalist accents. Beside the luxurious emerald-green velvet sofa and pouf, a sleek black metal-framed armchair finds its place. Moreover, a handcrafted ethnic-style carpet from Kiev’s ZV’YAZANI studio lends traditional authenticity to the space.

Luxurious Details in Bath and Bedroom

In the bathroom, black marble tiles distinctively set apart the bathtub and walk-through shower, while glossy white tiles adorn the walls. Complementing this, a striking walnut-textured drawer under the washbasin harkens back to Soviet-era furniture aesthetics.

Transitioning to the bedroom, golden velvet curtains and an armchair elegantly frame the expansive window, revealing serene botanical views. Opposite this ensemble, a modest bed rests, accompanied by nightstands that mirror the bathroom’s walnut finish.

A Harmonious Blend of Aesthetics: Modern Meets Nostalgic

Capturing the essence of this interior isn’t straightforward. It’s a masterful blend of varied textures, patterns, and materials that together craft an ambiance befitting a dynamic, modern city: sleek yet inviting, occasionally opulent, but consistently in tune with today’s design sensibilities.

Photography by Alexey Yanchenkov

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- by Matt Watts