GZ. Apartment by Ki Design

Located in a residential complex in Kyiv, Ukraine, GZ. Apartment is a modern dwelling completed by Ki Design.

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About GZ. Apartment

Crafting a Modern Apartment Oasis

Located on the first floor of a fresh residential complex, this apartment was ideally tailored for a young individual or a duo. Initially, the space presented a confined kitchen and two rooms leading off an elongated corridor. Nevertheless, after considerable reimagining, we carved out a master bedroom complete with an exclusive dressing room. Adjacently, we fashioned a spacious storage area for essentials such as clothes and linens. Consequently, by consolidating the remaining areas, a harmonious living space was birthed, seamlessly blending the hallway, living room, and kitchen.

This transformation, in essence, eradicated the cramped vibe of the initial layout and ushered in a flowing ambiance. Furthermore, the bathroom underwent a makeover; by merging the toilet and bath areas, a more generous space sprouted, equipped with modern amenities like a washing machine and boiler. Straddling the divide between the hallway and living area, we strategically placed a partition to delicately segment yet maintain a sense of unity.

A Play on Colors and Shapes

Given the apartment’s nestled position on a lower floor, encased by towering neighbors, we instinctively gravitated towards luminous hues to magnify and brighten the surroundings. Predominantly, the walls exude a soft milky hue, subtly infused with an olive undertone. Conversely, the bathroom radiates in stark white, a shade also chosen for select furniture pieces and doorways. Intertwined with these base colors, two distinct powder-colored walls emerge, offering a comforting backdrop in the living and sleeping spaces. In tandem with this, muted gray textiles drape the furniture, and a resplendent natural ash wood enriches the floor and other wooden fixtures.

As we venture into design accents, the color green unmistakably asserts its presence. This vibrant hue, firstly, springs to life in the living area with a grass-colored armchair and matching tea table. Similarly, plants pepper the space, and an artistic leafy panel in the hallway further echoes this verdant theme. Parallelly, circles unfurl as a recurrent motif throughout the dwelling. From a pendant ring-lamp in the bedroom to spherical mirrors and furnishings, this shape consistently punctuates the design, knitting together a tapestry of continuity and charm.

Photography by Sergey Savchenko

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- by Matt Watts