Cabin on a Rock by I-Kanda Architects

Designed in 2017 by I-Kanda Architects, this inspiring 900 square-foot cabin is located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, United States.


For the owner of a successful company specializing in making superior cocktail sodas out of only authentic ingredients, it was imperative that the design for a mountain-side weekend retreat be equally authentic.

Located in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, the 900 square-foot cabin perches on a granite outcropping, projecting precariously over a steep drop-off to afford dramatic eastern views across the valley below. Instead of leveling the granite ledge, the topography is embraced; the structure is lifted on 9 hand-poured concrete footings – a system selected in order to tread lightly on the sloped site.

All wood framing members were engineered and CNC-cut before being delivered to site wrapped, labeled, and ready for assembly, thus shortening construction time and reducing site disturbance. Once construction was complete, minimal trees were cleared – just enough to provide specific views of the prominent peaks through a 24-ft wide sliding glass window-wall.

It was not only the site that drove the design; the cabin program was initially conceived as a rugged weekend getaway for 2. However, during the course of the design process, the 2 grew to become a family of 3, then 4. The growing needs of the young family required maximizing the footprint while responding to the strictly limited availability of granite on which to build.

The faceted geometry of the cabin reflects this evolution – a cantilevering form that is both elemental yet appears to be in constant transformation depending on one’s vantage point. It is shaped both by its surroundings and by its occupants, making a lasting connection between what is there and what is to come.

Photography by Matt Delphenich

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- by Matt Watts

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