Escudellers by Jofre Roca

Recently redesigned by Jofre Roca, this traditional apartment is located in the historic centre of Barcelona, Spain.

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In the historic centre of Barcelona, just a few meters from Ramblas and the seaport, a dwelling in a building placed in Carrer Escudellers and built in 1840 is being renovated. An emblematic street in Barcelona, which in the Middle Ages was the centre of the potters’ guild. They used the yellowish clay that existed in the area.

Access to the street is completed through doors in bad condition, full of graffiti. The building’s main staircase is in bad technical condition… This route up to the entrance to the apartment builds an experience that will continue inside the house. Far from wanting to create a surprise, it aims to generate an intense experience, away from the noise and crazy rhythm of the city: a break, an oasis in the heart of the historic centre, in one of the busiest streets.

The different spaces have been designed with this premise. The main bathroom has been solved mainly by a porous stone which changes color when it is wet. This stone is used to create a jacuzzi bathtub.

The air extractor is combined with the ceiling over head shower so that the steam is discharged like a cigarette smoke simultaneously with the dialogue of light and water, dry and wet surface and the constant contact with the stone and the original materials in the form of an interesting relationship between the elements and the poetic dialogue.

However, priority has been given to the preservation and restoration of the original building elements. These, together with their historical patina, give a clear added value.

Photography by Adrià Goula

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- by Matt Watts