House Lens by Obra Arquitetos

Designed in 2014 by Obra Arquitetos, House Lens is an inspiring concrete house located in São Paulo, Brazil.

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About House Lens

A Sanctuary of Reflection and Nature

Designed specifically for a couple, this house masterfully encapsulates a contemplative and reflective ambiance. Intriguingly, this theme manifests in two distinct yet intertwined ways:

Initially, a sense of intimacy dominates the design. Centering around a petite patio, the entire house gracefully envelops this space, punctuated by varying levels. As a result, this strategic central patio enhances visual connectivity between the home’s spaces, thereby fostering closer interactions among its inhabitants. Moreover, within such confines, nature unravels, allowing residents to intimately witness its ever-changing seasonal canvas.

To further amplify this experience, designers integrated a curved glass around the patio. Consequently, this thoughtful choice ensures an uninterrupted viewing experience, offering a crystal-clear lens to the core of the home.

Embracing the Vast Landscape

Beyond these internal intricacies, the contemplative theme expands outward. For instance, the property, strategically positioned, showcases an expansive panorama of the Serra da Mantiqueira. Starting from this intimate nucleus and spiraling gracefully outward, one finds themselves ascending the thoughtfully landscaped roof, becoming engulfed in the vastness of the mesmerizing landscape.

In this manner, and with deliberate design choices, the house not only integrates but wholeheartedly celebrates its breathtaking surroundings. Consequently, the majestic Mantiqueira mountain effortlessly transitions, evolving into an intrinsic extension of the home’s lush garden.

Photography by Nelson Kon

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- by Matt Watts