House Lens by Obra Arquitetos

Designed in 2014 by Obra Arquitetos, this inspiring concrete house is located in São Paulo, Brazil.


House built for a couple with the idea of providing a contemplative and reflective space. This theme was addressed in two ways:

A more intimate, where the whole house is organizes arroud a small patio and differeneces in levels. This internal patio allows a visual contact between the environments of the house, approaching the residents. Nature, on this small scale, can be observed according to the variations of the seasons.

A curved glass was drawn so that the patio space had no segmentation at its edges and space could be seen through a lens.

The theme was also approached on the scale of the landscape: The land has a wide view of the Serra da Mantiqueira. Thus, starting from the most intimate dimension, traveling almost a spiral, one can climb up on the landscaped roof and observe the landscape amplitude.

In this way the house appropriates the surrounding landscape. The Mantiqueira mountain is part of the garden of the house.

Photography by Nelson Kon

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- by Matt Watts

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