Solaz Los Cabos by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos

This contemporary resort located in Solaz Los Cabos, Mexico, has been designed in 2018 by Sordo Madaleno Arquitectos.

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About Solaz Los Cabos

Discovering Solaz Los Cabos

Perched on the peninsula of Baja California, Solaz Los Cabos revels in a backdrop of semi-desert hues contrasted starkly by the deep blue Sea of Cortes. It’s within this setting that Mexico presents a novel landmark hotel.

Celebrating the union of landscape, architecture, and art, Solaz spans an impressive 9.8 hectares (24.2 acres). Strategically, it is situated along a coastal section endowed with unique topographical elements. Consequently, the architectural direction ensures a harmonious blend into this environment. Additionally, a series of volumes, inspired by wave motions, adapt gracefully to the setting. Moreover, the chosen materials and construction techniques further enhance the site’s allure.

Experience World-Class Amenities

Beyond mere aesthetics, Solaz aspires to redefine hospitality standards. Catering to both local and international clientele, it unveils an array of suites, apartments, and gastronomical delights. Moreover, a spa, a museum, and vibrant open plazas complement the offerings.

Given the site’s undulating topography, the design smartly incorporates terraced platforms. Hotel suites, strategically located at the western extremity, promise captivating sea vistas. Meanwhile, corridors lush with vegetation foster connectivity between these terraces, ensuring privacy. Furthermore, owing to the site’s elevation, every space guarantees enchanting views of the cerulean sea. Amenities, including swimming pools and sun loungers, find their haven at the beach level.

Architectural Marvels Await

The principal structure at Solaz stands out distinctly. Comprising three interlocked blocks, each houses two expansive floors. Inside, guests discover a realm of luxurious hotel suites. This unique configuration not only harmonizes with the surrounding landscape but also optimizes panoramic views. As a result, Solaz exudes a distinct architectural charisma.

Adjacent to this, hotel-operated apartments sprawl along the site’s southern side. These residences, meticulously crafted, merge seamlessly with the sandy shores. Moreover, a central courtyard-lobby elegantly bridges the site’s natural undulations with the structure’s welcoming geometry.

Inside, a warm ambiance prevails. Tropical wood, vibrant Mexican textiles, and intricate stone patterns merge, giving each room a uniquely contemporary feel.

Art Infused Spaces

Art is intrinsic to Solaz. Here, renowned artist Cesar López Negrete showcases over 400 masterpieces, each echoing tales of Baja California’s rich history. Thus, from intimate suites to expansive plazas, art becomes an integral aspect of the hotel’s persona.

In collaboration with Gabayet 101 Paisaje, Solaz’s landscape designs exude natural elegance. A curated selection of native flora graces the surroundings. Thus, pathways, eateries, terraces, and more resonate with the locale’s unique flora.

Blending contemporary Mexican design with immersive landscapes and an artistic essence, Solaz Los Cabos is poised to leave an indelible mark on global hospitality.

Photography by Rafael Gamo

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- by Matt Watts