Crinan Barn by HollandGreen

Crinan Barn redesigned in 2019 by HollandGreen, is a contemporary barn situated in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK.

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About Crinan Barn

The Vision Behind Crinan and Mayfield Barns

From the outset, our clients had a clear vision. They aimed to transform two vast barns into separate yet contemporary family sanctuaries. Naturally, they wanted the barns to share a unified design language, yet each needed its unique flair. Mixing materials like timber, concrete, and the standout folded seam black aluminum cladding, the design was meant to capture breathtaking countryside views. Additionally, these views were amplified through large-format steel-framed glazing. Above all, energy efficiency stood paramount, with aspirations to achieve an impressive A Rating.

The Transformation Journey

Our first task? Navigating the complex ‘Class Q’ Permitted Development process to transition the barns from agricultural to residential use. After securing the necessary permissions, we honed the detailed design, prioritizing both striking aesthetics and uncompromised energy efficiency.

Challenges Along the Way

New Class Q legislation presented hurdles. Throughout the planning phase, we collaborated closely with the local planning authority and other stakeholders. These regulations mandated the preservation of the barns’ existing structure and envelope. Consequently, no new structures could emerge, nor could we breach the existing building envelope. Post-planning, the real challenge lay in executing a design that would morph dilapidated steel and concrete barns into A-rated energy-efficient, modern homes.

A Triumph in Countryside Living

Crinan Barn stands as a testament to the allure of rural living. This award-winning domicile doesn’t just impress with energy efficiency; it offers a singular haven for its residents. Despite their proximity, both barns beautifully reflect the distinct personalities of their occupants.

Photography courtesy of HollandGreen
Interior Design by Last Interior Design

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- by Matt Watts