Crinan Barn by HollandGreen

Redesigned in 2019 by HollandGreen, this contemporary barn is situated in Long Crendon, Buckinghamshire, UK.

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What was the clients’ brief?

For Crinan and Mayfield barn the clients wanted to convert two large barns into two separate contemporary family homes. The desire was for the two barns to “speak the same language” with materials and design, however, to retain individual character. Both barns were to be designed with folded seam black aluminium cladding mixed with other complimenting materials including, timber and concrete and large format steel framed glazing allowing the clients to enjoy the amazing views of the surrounding countryside. It was also very important to the client that the final building was as energy efficient as possible – with a target of achieving an A Rating.

What did we do?

Initially we were required to prepare designs to allow for the buildings to be converted from agricultural to residential through the complicated ‘Class Q’ Permitted Development process. Once permission was received, we developed the detailed design to give the barns their striking look, while also ensuring that the energy efficiency of the design was not compromised.

What challenges did we need to overcome?

There were a number of constraints surrounding the new Class Q legislation which required careful thought during the planning process and extensive liaison with the local planning authority as well as other parties. The existing structure of the barns had to be retained and no new structure could be added, in addition, the existing envelope of the building could not be broken. Then once the planning was established we still needed to deliver the challenging technical design that would enable us (construction by Stuart Barr), to convert two derelict steel and concrete framed barns into two beautiful modern family homes with an A rating for energy efficiency.

What was the finished result?

The Crinan barn is a perfect example of the potential of countryside living. This award-wining home boasts enviable energy efficiency while creating a truly unique living space for the family. The two barns located so closely to each other, still perfectly encapsulate the different families occupying them.

Photography courtesy of HollandGreen

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- by Matt Watts