MC House by Henrique Soares Pinheiro

This elegant single family residence located in Vila Nova de Gaia, Portugal, has been recently designed by Henrique Soares Pinheiro.


The MC House has little expression for those who observe it from the outside, from the street.
It is located in the interior of the lot.

There was little or almost no interference with the natural land quotas, the building, practically a single deck, rests on it.

The lower floor arises due to the need to adapt to the terrain morphology.

It forms an elegant and extended volumetry which protects itself from the bad weather from the north and opens to the southern part of the terrain.
The house is comprised of a kitchen as the center of its organization, from where it is possible to have a complete vision of all the social zones as well as that of the exterior area, this being a premise/challenge issued by the client.

This situation promotes interior/exterior links between rooms, kitchen and the partially covered patio extending to the water.

The three-track frame, without vertical props, allows this passage without obstacles.

Photography by Nelson Garrido

- by Matt Watts

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