Skyline Apartment by Bylu Design

Skyline Apartment is located in a luxury compound in the heart of Shanghai, China. It has been recently designed by Bylu Design.

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Surrounded by skyscrapers, the 240 sqm apartment is a contemporary home for a modern chinese family. As requested by the client, the design features natural materials and light colors in order to create an urban retreat from the crowded and chaotic city. The entrance divides the plan functionally, separating the open plan living area, with dining and tea space, from the night area.

A custom made furniture is the key element of the project: it unfolds and transform through the whole apartment, from the entrance till the living area and bedroom, changing its function on the way from high cabinet, to shoes storage, boiserie, library and even bedroom door.
The night area has two bedroom, each one equipped with walking closet and en-suite bathroom, and a private studio that can be occasionally used as guest room.

The master bedroom is equipped with an additional makeup corner. The entrance hall has a minimal design. Each function of the space is characterized by the use of different materials and colors: a dark oak wood bench with shelves in the welcoming area and the two grey lacquered cabinet for jackets and shoes in the corridor area.

The luxury living room has a tonal color palette of grey, white and brown: a big modern sofa fills the center of the circular space and visually divide the living room from the tea area.
The custom made TV set is inspired by traditional partition used in some contemporary asian tea house.

The white oak wood of the living room floor contrasts with the dark oak wood of the tv set, creating a focus point in that direction.
The different finishing of the custom-made cabinet (dark oak wood and gun grey metal) and the floor (white oak and grey stone) divide the space functionally, separating the tea area from the dining area.

The master bedroom features a wooden cube whose functions are multiple and work at different scales. It is a furniture, because it works as library and cabinet. It is a room, because it incorporates and conceals the private bathroom. It organizes the space functionally, because it creates an intimate area for the makeup corner and hides the bed from the room entrance. And it also affect the general feeling of the room because the light wood makes the environment warm and cozy.

Photography courtesy of Bylu Design

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- by Matt Watts