Premuda by Offstage

Premuda is a colorful apartment situated in Milan, Italy, designed in 2019 by Offstage.

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About Premuda

A Modern Twist to 1950s Bourgeoisie Living

Nestled in Milan’s Cinque Giornate district, Offstage masterfully transformed a spacious apartment into a contemporary haven for a family of four. It’s a home to cherish and where friends are always welcome. Each floor boasts its own unit, accessible by a private elevator. A distinct service area, two contrasting views, and characteristics reminiscent of 1950s bourgeoisie planning come together. But importantly, these elements are artfully reimagined to suit a modern family’s needs.

Redefining Spaces with a View

The captivating window on Viale Premuda stands out as the project’s focal point. Meanwhile, the room arrangement saw significant changes. Initially tucked away, the kitchen now seamlessly merges with the living area, both bathing in the light from the main glazed facade. Bedrooms are mostly aligned on the interior side, except the master bedroom. Proudly positioned on the grand side, it opens up to one of the apartment’s two terraces.

Bespoke Furnishings and Ingenious Design

The project’s genius lies in its details. Custom-made furnishings discreetly divide rooms, hiding entrances behind retractable doors. Horizontal interacts with vertical, and contrasting materials and shades dance together. The goal? Crafting a space that feels both structured and laid-back. And then there’s color—rich, vibrant, and varied. It graces custom elements, amplifying their tactile and sensory allure.

A Palette Inspired by Nature and Elegance

From the walls’ gray-blue to the boiserie’s wisteria pink, colors are in harmony. The sleeping area’s hallway dazzles in bright pink, juxtaposed with the dual-toned gray Ceppo di Gré stoneware tiles and the French herringbone parquet in natural oak (covering the floors).

Lighting: The Final Touch

Ever attentive, Offstage prioritized lighting. Integrated from inception, it comprises diverse light sources. Each provides unique ambiances, catering to different moods and functions.

Photography courtesy of Offstage

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- by Matt Watts