Budi Budi by Officina 8A

Designed in 2019 by Officina 8A, this elegant apartment is located in the heart of Turin, Italy, overlooking one of its most significant squares.


An elegant apartment in the heart of Turin, overlooking one of its most significant squares.

The plan exploited only 2/3 of the available potential: a systematic and surgical operation of nakedness brought to light fantastic ceilings with a height of 4,60 mt. Hence the decision to use this character as the most important theme of the project: the house is to be understood as double, all the rooms are equipped with a double glazed level and accessible through light materials, such as glass and metal.

The living area has a second more intimate and playful sitting room, dedicated to the time to spend with family; the bedrooms have an appendix which is in one case a walk-in closet, in the other a study; the service area has a second level reserved for the storage and laundry.

The new elements are modern and openly subversive, the wood flooring instead wants to take up a theme dear to the Turin bourgeois house. The frescoes, previously suffocated by the false ceiling, have been brought back to light. The warmth of the wood and the chromatic explosion of the ceilings are contrasted by the green Alps of marble that covers the custom-designed furnishings, for example in the kitchen counter.

The project in its entirety is rather to be understood as an amusing game in which the building site has been the result of a continuous evolution, in which the architect finds the confused traces of the past and re-educates them to today’s needs.

Photography courtesy of Officina 8A

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- by Matt Watts

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