Water Blue Garden by Wu Wei

This luxurious apartment located in Tianjin, China, has been designed by Wu Wei.

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About Water Blue Garden

The Essence of Tianjin’s Architectural Tapestry

Tianjin, one of China’s earliest port cities open to global influences, showcases architecture that epitomizes the diverse fabric of human settlements. Indeed, Tianjin’s Five Avenues seamlessly blend Chinese and Western designs. Likewise, the city’s Italian-style streets celebrate every curve of Western artistry, embodying pure romanticism. The Blue Water Park’s transformation stands on these aesthetic foundations.

Crafting A Sanctuary for a Busy Entrepreneur

Despite the owner’s bustling daily schedule, he remains an entrepreneur with a thirst for superior living. Comfort and relaxation top his home wish-list. Tapping into this, the designer explored blue in four distinct shades. The crisp blue captures a refined French retro vibe. Meanwhile, the Morandi gray-blue furnishings evoke the cozy French countryside. Together, these choices strive to fulfill the owner’s desire for a tranquil and intimate haven.

Designing with Purpose and Vision

The designer, having deeply studied the owner’s lifestyle, meticulously structured the living space. Themes include social gatherings, wine tasting, and fitness. Furthermore, they augmented the original design by extending the southern activity zone, adding an impressive 130 square meters (1399.31 square feet). This newly created space offers a versatile buffer zone, ideal for tea-sipping, sunbathing, or storage. Consequently, they’ve reserved ample imaginative room for future endeavors.

Photography courtesy of Wu Wei

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- by Matt Watts