Sokolská Residence by Architekti Šebo Lichý

Designed in 2017 by Architekti Šebo Lichý, this inspiring urban apartment house is located in the centre of Bratislava, Slovakia.


Sokolská Residence is an ambitious urban house located in Palisády, an attractive Bratislava zone renowned for its demanding and complicated terrain configuration. Steep slopes and winding and narrow streets limit any further development and enhancement of the quality of the public space in the renowned villa district. The new urban implant of the seven-floor residential complex of Sokolská Residence has the ambition to revive the former glory of Sokolská Street and to refresh its urban context. Terraced fields which transform from horizontal curves at the bottom into vertical waves at the top divide the building into two separate masses – a cut three-floor superstructure grows from a geomorphological natural four-floor base. From the town side, Sokolská Residence is an urban 7-floor tower with a winding ramp intersecting the sloped countryside; from the side of the villa district, it is an elegant three-floor urban villa with an residential entry parterre.

The space between the town and the villa district is morphologically twisted into the restless geometry of organic terraces, pavements and stairs, grassy and green islands, and concrete cliffs and canyons. Sokolská Residence thus creates an initiation point for forming new public, semi-public and private semi-transparent platforms in a broken urban structure. It is an authentic architectonic interpretation of contextual connections of the topography of the location, of the town and of the urban composition of built-up zones in this area. A tower from the town and a villa from the hill, this residential complex of many faces is crinkled into terraced cascades as a hybrid space between the terrain, the town and the terraced villa house.

The wish of the authors to reflect robust and geomorphological shaping in residential architecture responding to the mountainous and park-like nature of the territory on the border of Horský park expresses the intention of the studio to bring greenery, nature and organic aesthetics to the new living space of the residents of the house.

Photography courtesy of ITB Development

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- by Matt Watts

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