Bianco Villas by Melenos | Katogas & Partners

Located on the Greek island of Rhodes, these two deluxe maisonettes – Adam and Eve have been recently designed by Melenos | Katogas & Partners.

Villa Adam

Villa Eve


A bespoke architectural project that produced minimal summer houses with a bohemian atmosphere.

BiancoVillas is a set of two deluxe maisonettes – “Adam” and “Eve”.

Externally the individual white shapes of each house intersect in order to compose a single “monolithic” building volume. The project studied the transformation of an existing concrete building frame into two single houses. The procedure of the composition produced interlocking functions between the two houses that are reflected in the external architectural result.

The interior of each house accommodates three en suite bedrooms a large living area and a kitchen. Every room is individually designed to reflect the orientation and view that is related with. The communal spaces open up towards a swimming pool (one per individual house) and an outdoor kitchen. Large pergolas filter the sun-light allowing a relaxing outdoor sitting area.

Photography by Harry Zampetoulas @harry.zampetoulas

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- by Matt Watts

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