Quintessence by Valeria Senkina

Discover “Quintessence,” a one-of-a-kind luxury wellness center in the heart of Moscow, Russia. Designed by the brilliant Valeria Senkina in 2020, this high-tech oasis is nestled in the city’s most prestigious residential district, known for its rich cultural and architectural history. Quintessence perfectly melds cutting-edge technology with age-old healing practices, providing an ideal retreat for rejuvenation and balance.

The center’s interior design thoughtfully cultivates a serene meditative ambiance, highlighting the importance of individuality and personal introspection. Each element in the space, from unique installations to bespoke handcrafted items, speaks to the fusion of innovation and tradition that makes Quintessence a haven for the modern individual.

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About Quintessence

An Elite High-Tech Wellness Center in the Heart of Moscow

Positioned in Moscow’s most esteemed residential district, this high-tech wellness center provides the modern individual with an exclusive sanctuary for restoring vigor, recharging creative energies, and harmonizing their internal equilibrium. A blend of the most cutting-edge technologies and time-honored healing practices come together here in a space designed to cater to the wellness needs of the contemporary individual.

Interior Design Aiming to Nurture Calmness and Individuality

The center’s interior design is skillfully crafted to foster a tranquil, meditative state, encouraging recovery and contemplation. This quiet haven emphasizes and respects the importance of the individual, recognizing that each person’s uniqueness contributes to their well-being.

Hand-crafted Features and Unique Installations by Dseesion

Esteemed designer Dseesion has breathed life into the center with a plethora of hand-made items, adding a personalized touch to the atmosphere. In addition, unique installations, created specifically for this space, imbue the center with an exclusive aesthetic that truly distinguishes it as a one-of-a-kind wellness sanctuary.

Photography courtesy of Valeria Senkina

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- by Matt Watts