The Twins House by Delution Architect

Designed for two families by Delution Architect, the Twins House project is situated in a densely populated neighborhood in Jakarta, Indonesia.


The house is located in Jakarta, with 70 square meters in a densely populated neighborhood. Alley with a width of 1.5M can only be passed by a motorcycle. Two Houses were built for two families of 4 people (husband and wife and two children), and a person with a disability. The concept of the Twin Houses shows the relationship between “brothers and sisters” through similar shapes but different sizes. Two bedrooms with toilets in each, kitchen and dining room for 4 family members. Meanwhile, other houses have one bedroom with a toilet and a living room. Every family that lives in the Twin House has its own privacy zone but can still communicate with each other. Public areas are connected through access to each home.

Photography courtesy of Delution Architect

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- by Matt Watts

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