Arita House by Kitorepe

Located in Arita Town, in the western end of Saga Prefecture, Japan, this modern wooden house has been designed in 2018 by Kitorepe.

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This house is located in Arita Town, which is famous for Arita-yaki pottery in the western end of Saga Prefecture. There are many potteries in Arita, and the project site is located in the center of the town. The client is a potter and his wife. They wanted to create a simple house for them to live in and a small gallery to display their works. The kiln and workshop are located right next to the house, and since they come and go several times a day, the flow line is easy to move around and We wanted to create a space for relaxation that would reset the relationship between work and home, which is close to each other.

We proposed to divide the living space and the gallery space into two volumes, and to create a semi-outdoor space in between. This half-outdoor space is the entrance porch for each volume, and it is also a space that can be used for indoor purposes. This semi-outdoor space also provides a buffer for the privacy of the home, as the property is surrounded by roads and open spaces, and there was a concern that the property would be seen by those around it at all times. The private room, study and sanitary area are combined into two boxes, with the remaining space being the living room and dining room and kitchen.

The dining room is integrated with the earthen floor of the entrance hall, so that the residents can enjoy eating and drinking tea easily even when they are busy with their work.

The dining room has a large opening and connects to the porch.

This large window allows light and wind to flow through the atrium and deep into the living room. The square windows high up in the living room capture the seasonal changes in the sky from various locations in the house and reflect the changing light and shadows.

During the biannual pottery market and solo exhibitions, the porch becomes a plaza that connects the community and serves as a storefront facing the street. When the weather is good, the porch becomes an outdoor dining area where friends are invited to enjoy a meal, creating a space that is one with the dining area.

Arita’s House rethinks the relationship between home and work, and between the inside and the outside, and aims to create various relationships with each other.

Photography by Kawata Hiroki

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- by Matt Watts