F 24 by Renato Graca

Escape to the stunning F 24, a breathtaking holiday retreat designed by the illustrious Renato Graca.

Nestled in the heart of Cape Town, South Africa, renowned for its scenic beauty, this luxury abode offers a unique blend of minimalist design and sophisticated engineering. It’s a haven that masterfully merges the indoors and outdoors, offering unobstructed views of the iconic Camps Bay and the Indian Ocean. This enchanting abode redefines luxury living, giving its European clients an unforgettable summer getaway. Let’s journey together into this architectural masterpiece.

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About F 24

A Unique and Luxurious Holiday Retreat

This stunning home, with its unique design, delivers an opulent vacation haven for our European clients during the sun-soaked summer months. It flawlessly integrates open-plan living, beautifully blurring the lines between the indoors and outdoors.

Harmonious Integration with the Landscape

Set on a steeply inclined terrain, the house benefits from sophisticated engineering solutions. These innovative approaches enable the residence to snugly settle into the mountainside. The resulting exposed earth walls inside the home serve to fortify its connection to the surrounding landscape.

Uninterrupted Views and Minimalistic Design

The incorporation of full-height glazing ensures unobstructed, breathtaking vistas of Camps Bay and the Indian Ocean. In response to our clients’ desires, we developed a streamlined, minimalist design that maximizes the spectacular location’s potential.

Photography courtesy of Renato Graca

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- by Matt Watts