All My Stars Home by Yodezeen Architects

Located in Kiev, Ukraine, this luxurious residence has been designed in 2020 by Yodezeen Architects.


This house of 450 m² was designed for a close-knit young family, where everything is done for comfort and aeriality. Even for canine companions. Leisure zone, kitchen & dining, 2 bedrooms and the children’s one, 3 bathrooms, an entrance closet, terrace and laundry with separate doorways for cats — study & enjoy.

The leisure zone is about cohesion we have shown connecting kitchen, dining, living and even bedroom zones together. Just dive into the drawing room and perceive the double floor height area done with the glassy gradient. The summit hides the master block, and we can’t see it from below. But everything differs above.

Kitchen area is all about our love of working with stone and composition metal. Stairs have become a real try-out for us, still we were skipping from one concept to another in search of perfection. So now you can see and enjoy our Stachys masterpiece.

Terrace holds a unique position of All My Stars Home. It is the one to make the whole project so big and notional. Still, this is the very place from where you can watch the star fall we have depicted on the ceilings. Terrace turns out a termless piece with everything you need: dining, leisure, sunbathing, children’s zones enriched with bio fireplace, home cinema & booster-lights.

Intensify your attention and find the way to one more rupestrian element. The leisure zone is graced and complemented with the fireplace. The guards are carved in stone, evidently.

You see the zest of the space, alighted under “All My Stars”. The stand-table of 400 kg starts with rumpled structure and comes to its vitreous half. Seems like it is already a special tradition to add to the interior something thus powerful in case of style.

All the barriers are falling under the ideas to make the perfect bathroom zones. Thus, the shower bench in the master block turns out backlit and the mirror part gets the “secret space” to hide everything unwanted. The guest bathroom glass is attached to the tabletop and all the communications are trued up on either sides to reach the look of the window zone you can enjoy now. The baby’s bathroom is covered with Patagonia stone — unbiased and stylish. But the most inspiring idea is about the guest bathroom at the entrance — custom-made for all purposes, it gets the faucet brought-out from the ceiling, and the lit brass net in glass.

Photography courtesy of Yodezeen Architects

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- by Matt Watts

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