Humble.Social Club+Bar by Olga Chut

This inspiring bar located in Irkutsk, Russia, has been recently completed by Olga Chut.


Humble social club and intelligent bar was designed primarily as a place for the people to meet and communicate. There was an important condition – to bring guests emotional and aesthetic comfort. Therefore, the concept of the common area was designed as living room with its overall composition and furniture placement. Soft and comfortable sofas and armchairs were placed the way that guests face each other and can communicate, even if they are not familiar. At the same time, there are separate, more private zones, for those who prefer tête-à-tête. Large bar table is the place of power of any bar. This is the place, where the magic happens.

Interior is filled with elements and furniture from the mid-century and modernism era: vintage armchairs, soft lines and tinted wood highlight it.
Interior remains bright and welcoming even in the evening, being illuminated with cozy, warm and soft lights.

Photography by Evgeny Ryazhev

- by Matt Watts

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