Apartment in São Paulo by Studio RG Arquitetura

This inspiring contemporary apartment located in São Paulo, Brazil, has been recently designed by Studio RG Arquitetura.


For this 95 square meter apartment, located in São Paulo, Brazil, the client had a message to the designers “I don’t like conventional interior design, white or beige doesn’t please me. I want everything in black and with a very contemporary look.” The design studio, Studio RG Arquitetura, was tasked with the challenge of using lots of darker shades in the project while keeping colors well balanced. With the appropriate use of lighting, mirrors in precise places and decorative elements it was possible to do just that.

Another issue was to make the apartment feel bigger. For this, the key changes were the integration of the terrace area, the demolition of one of the original bedrooms and the removal of a wall opening up the kitchen. The new space enabled an island counter with cook top and a quick meal sitting table. In addition, a retractable table on the island’s side may be used when necessary to create more countertop space.

A dining table and barbecue grill in the integrated terrace makes of this space the main room for meals and friends and family gatherings. A fresh feel was brought in through a vertical green garden with a self irrigating system. A chair with a portable fireplace next to this area was designed to relax and have some private reading time.

Where before was a second laundry room access, became a built in wide mirrored cupboard to store large sports equipments of its owners. The mirror effectively reflects in natural lighting from the near glass façade while disguising its own bulky structure.

Eliminating one of the original bedrooms enlarged the living room space, but it left no private hall for the access to the other rooms. The solution was wood panels with built in hidden doors stretching throughout the living room walls and blending in the doorways from view.

The home office spot is right at the apartment’s entrance and very much used by the residents. To make this space both functional and visually interesting, we designed a bookshelf with built in lighting that brings out the wall’s rocky texture.

Photography by Eder Bruscagin

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- by Matt Watts

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