Mayfield Avenue Residence by Studiofour

Mayfield Avenue Residence is an inspiring two-story residence located in Melbourne, Australia, has been designed in 2019 by Studiofour.

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About Mayfield Avenue Residence

Contrasting Architecture and Interiors: A Cohesive Outcome

When the client requested an architectural and interior design based on contrasts, the Mayfield Avenue residence became an exploration of the dualities that could be created between architecture and interiors while maintaining a cohesive result. A strong structural tectonic defines the architectural form, which is balanced by a distinctly warm interior. The clean-lined building forms are complemented by a layered interior palette, inspired by the inherent veining of a striking natural stone chosen early in the design process. Refined architectural detailing is finished with natural textures and subtle color shifts, such as clay brickwork and rose linen accents, crafting a robust yet calming home.

Central Garden and Architectural Framework

Positioned on a north-facing greenfield site and surrounded by large-scale dwellings, the residence faced challenges due to its size and orientation. The home’s concept revolves around a central garden, overlaid with an architectural framework consisting of solid planes and interconnecting screens, directing views and aspects throughout the site.

Privacy and Connection to the Landscape

On the upper levels, screens provide privacy from the street below while maximizing interaction with the adjacent landscape, particularly the existing Jacaranda tree at the front of the site. Solid planes are layered within the framework to define volumes, interconnect spaces, ensure privacy, and ultimately control and promote engagement within the home and towards the surrounding landscape.

Optimizing Natural Light and Space

The architectural footprint, designed to capture northern light in two separate living areas, ensures softer light for the kitchen, dining, and sleeping areas. Avoiding cold, dark stagnant spaces, glazed sliding doors provide ample fresh air, an abundance of natural light, and garden views to all areas.

Purposeful Spaces and Acoustic Privacy

Eschewing typical open-plan living, the design focuses on separate, calm, and purposeful spaces. The need for separation and acoustic privacy shapes the building’s form, while a layered approach with filtered built elements, such as steel screening and double-sided fireplaces, allows for the desired level of family interaction.

Sanctuary and Immersion in the Landscape

The Mayfield Avenue residence aims to create a space that offers sanctuary, enclosure, and comfort while fostering a sense of immersion within the landscape.

Photography by Studiofour

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- by Matt Watts