The Charm of the Seventies by Pelizzari Studio

The Charm of the Seventies is a beautiful vintage penthouse apartment located in Brascia, Italy, designed in 2020 by Pelizzari Studio.


Designed for an entrepreneur couple who wanted their home to reflect their love of art, this penthouse apartment in the Lombardy plains offers a spectacular view of snow-capped Alps in the distance.

The clients’ main requirement was a domestic atmosphere capable of dialoguing with their collection of vintage furnishings and contemporary art.

The project combined minimalist architectural elements with furnishings that reference the 1970s.

The result is an anthology of creative energies deriving from measured spaces and a lively color palette that ranges from peacock blue and shark blue to blush pink and greige.

Sophisticated details distinguish each area of the penthouse, skillfully enhanced by the plays of light created by luxury lighting systems.

The large kitchen in Corian looks directly onto the living room, which encompasses a series of sitting areas and a home theater. The space expands into almost stage-like scenes which are never banal but nonetheless cozy and reassuring.

Photography by Mattia Aquila

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- by Matt Watts

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