Sloping House by Ji Jian Design

Sloping House is a modern duplex apartment located in Tianjin, China, designed in 2020 by Ji Jian Design.

Sloping House by Ji Jian Design - 1
Sloping House by Ji Jian Design - 2
Sloping House by Ji Jian Design - 3
Sloping House by Ji Jian Design - 4
Sloping House by Ji Jian Design - 5
Sloping House by Ji Jian Design - 6
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Sloping House by Ji Jian Design - 10


With a 5.6-meter story height and huge slope roof, the house has been strictly measured and calculated by JI JIAN DESIGN. They intelligently make use of the slope and create an attic, more than 70M2 usable area is increased, provide sufficiently and privacy for the family member.

The owner hopes their next-generation concentrates on studying. Therefore, they are expecting a quiet and peaceful family atmosphere. The idea was quite clear from the beginning. That is, make a peaceful home environment that can calm their cheerful and active children, avoid stiffness and dullness meantime.

The lightness and modernity of the interior benefit from the exquisite details and the subtraction of decorative materials. From the outline of the metal strips to the subtle curves of the pass, they committed to creating a light and thin feeling as much as possible to break the rigidity and dullness.

JI JIAN DESIGN breaks the complexity and repetition, choose a technical veneer and latex paint as the main materials, which can let the owner maximumly enjoy the original environment. They devote themselves to build a people-oriented space in every aspect.

A large number of storage spaces have been designed for the house, and all the furniture and equipment are hidden. The refrigerator, washing machine, and cabinets, etc. are all kept in the cabinet, which fully releases the space. The wish for a sense of order been fulfilled in a natural way. Vents in the cabinet can ensure a well working condition for all the equipment.

The skylight brings good lighting to the entire house.

Each room on the second floor has an independent skylight, which brings natural light into the room to the greatest extent, making it the main light source.

Supplemented by downlight and light strips, the light in the room is constantly changing throughout the day, forming a graceful and colorful light and shadow.

Photography courtesy of Ji Jian Design

- by Matt Watts

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