Casai’s Lounge by Casai

Casai’s Lounge are luxury boutique apartments recently designed by Casai located in Mexico City, Mexico.

Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 1
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 2
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 3
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 4
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 5
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 6
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 7
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 8
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 9
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 10
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 11
Casai’s Lounge by Casai - 12


Beautiful and intelligent living spaces well suited for the nomadic generation. Each Casai unit is designed to incorporate influences from local neighborhoods, original architecture and finishes. With uniqueness as the main goal when designing a new apartment, the team focuses on balancing existing characteristics of each space with Casai’s design aesthetic by leveraging luxurious experiences and locally sourced furniture and accessories.

Casai’s style guide encourages designers to maintain consistency across cities, but still preserve an open door for creativity to flourish and create unforgettable experiences. With Casai, modern guests can expect reliable, high-tech living and workspaces with concierge and amenities with COVID-proof offerings in mind. Casai’s app allows guests to check-in, get on high-speed WiFi, control Bluetooth sound and TV, order food and grocery delivery, explore local guides and access Casai’s personalized and all-day concierge support. With COVID-induced remote work blending with the hospitality space, the modern traveler is now someone who must have an exceptional work environment within their living space.

Casai is introducing a new vision for hospitality in Latin America, with a new way to travel and stay in apartments – an experience that will always be consistent and luxurious like a hotel but feel local like an Airbnb. It is the only brand integrating high technology in every phase of the listing and hospitality process with a device called Butler, which controls all the connected devices in the apartments allowing guests to avoid downloading several apps to control devices.

Photography courtesy of Casai

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- by Matt Watts