Atrium House by Via.

Atrium House is a brick courtyard house located in Hong Kong, China, designed in 2021 by Via.

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Nestled near the village of Lung Tin Tsuen, Atrium House blends heritage and modernity in the context of Yuen Long. The design reimagines Chinese vernacular architecture to derive a new archetype for shared living.

“Yishe”, the social club for the residential complex, gathers inspiration from historic courtyard houses. A series of brick-clad pavilions wraparound a central pool to evoke poetic calmness. Designed to be multi-functional, pavilions house various cultural and wellness amenities of the club, anchored by a timber-clad tea salon in a veranda setting. As a nod to the architectural history of Yuen Long, Chinese blue bricks were used to form the carefully-orchestrated volumes, which create a network of pathways reminiscent of ancient hutongs.

The grand entrance features soaring timber gates framed by angular brick walls, as well as a gradient “shadow wall” composed from hundreds of hand-assembled metal plates that were crafted to recall traditional roof tiles.

Photography by Kris Provoost

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- by Matt Watts