Casa Novembre by Francesco Consoli

Casa Novembre is a lovely apartment located in Locorotondo, Italy, redesigned in 2021 by Francesco Consoli.

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Among the streets of the ancient village of Locorotondo we find Casa Novembre, a project signed by Studio Francesco Consoli.

The project of restoration and renovation of this house was based on the recovery of two historic houses, joined to become a complex and articulated structural body on several levels. The architectural recovery wanted was to keep alive the ancient charm of the stone vaults and the existing cement floors. The careful restoration operations have tried in every way to preserve the old charm of the original Apulian architecture, creating a charming house where you can spend your life.

The project has improved the old distribution system of the entire apartment, using parts of the two existing stone staircases to create a single vertical axis connecting the floors. On the first floor, we find the sleeping area articulated in a studio, a double bedroom with a bathroom and walk-in closet, a guest bathroom, and a twin bedroom. On the second floor, we find the living area consisting of the living room and dining room with large external views, kitchen, and a bathroom/laundry room. They are then articulated outside the two floors of terraces overlooking the church and two other historic churches of the village.

This project is a story between the materials recovered and those renewing. A story that tells the identity of a place and the desire to keep its roots intact. An extraordinary opportunity to deal with history, with the construction techniques of the past, respecting the architectural quality, the light.

The materials used in the restyling echo the materials of the past. Inside the floors have been recovered the existing floors in cement and antique grits. The plasters have been consolidated and recovered, while the vaults have been cleaned to give light to the true essence of the property: the stone. The study of colors, restoration, materials, light, has completely overturned the apartment, making it harmonious and welcoming. Essential lines and light studied in detail characterize all the historical elements, blended with the new interventions of the restructuring, making it an even more sophisticated design of restyling. So each environment, with its history, becomes a place to live.

Photography by Studio France

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- by Matt Watts