Melides by Fragmentos

Melides is a modern house located in Grândola, Portugal, designed in 2021 by Fragmentos.

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A short distance from the Atlantic Ocean, silence prevails in this rural village, the surroundings of which are characterized by an extensive pine forest and a few small, scattered buildings. On approach, the slope and the natural elements prevent an overview of the plot. In earthen tones, the transition between the construction and the landscape is harmonious, privileging tranquillity and nature. The construction is composed of a single volume with a flat roof from which a mass is removed to form a central patio and around which the dwelling develops. The disposition and arrangement of this volume create exterior spaces with greater privacy and interior spaces with varying relationships to the surroundings. Inside, the program is organized from the north, from where the central patio is accessed, providing a visual relationship between the various parts of the house. The eastern wing is composed of the social areas, enhanced by large glass planes that overlook the terrace and swimming pool. The central and western wing hosts five suites, two of which are independent and all with a strong relationship to the surrounding area. The roof is projected to different lengths according to the solar orientation, extending the interior of the dwelling to exterior spaces covered by pergolas. Pathways formed of wooden beams lead us to the swimming pool which, designed over a natural amphitheater, takes advantage of the sun’s exposure and invites us to reflect on the visual relationship between the space and the landscape.

Photography by Lourenço Teixeira

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- by Matt Watts