Casa O by Aro Estudio

Casa O is a two-story brick house located in Guadalajara, Mexico, designed in 2016 by Aro Estudio.

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Casa O is a residential project located in the Metropolitan Area of Guadalajara, designed with the objective of using the total permitted area of construction. Formally and functionally are composed of two modules differentiated by their material properties.

The dark ground floor module houses the public areas of the house, giving access to it through a wooden hallway, which unifies the pedestrian and parking entrance and whose height receives the visitor in an intimate environment. Once this first contact with the dwelling is approached, the main door opens to a double-height space, illuminated by a window to the east and in which the entrance hall focuses the visual perspective towards the olive tree in the backyard.

This is a unique space, which openly gives way to the dining room kitchen, arranged in such a way that it becomes a single space of coexistence and opens completely to the patio located in the back easement of the house.

The upper floor, materially conceived in brick, houses the private area and is composed of three rooms.

The main room, located to the south, overlooks the Club House of the planned community and is reached through a corridor that visually communicates the public and private areas through the double-height entrance and through the window to the east frames the views of the Flamboyant tree located outside.

On the opposite side, the corridor ends with a small hall covered in tzalam wood, which serves to give access to the two secondary rooms to the north. The three bedrooms have their own bathroom and take advantage of the north-south orientation of the home to give natural lighting and ventilation to them.

Photography courtesy of Aro Estudio

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- by Matt Watts