Casa M by Be Architettura

Casa M is a chic penthouse apartment located in Vicenza, Italy, designed in 2022 by Be Architettura.

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The relationship between interior architecture and light, whether natural or artificial, is one of the pivotal themes of this project.

Stepping through the entrance after a few steps into the initial half-light, one is literally flooded with light. Turning one’s gaze from left to right, one can grasp the full depth of the apartment, which has been radically altered from its original 1970s layout.

Pathways have been optimized by eliminating some secondary rooms to achieve a wide corridor distribution to the various areas of the house: the master, service, guest rooms, and the living area. This barycentric space, which connects and at the same time holds the rooms together, runs through the entire house. A rigorously designed paneling embellishes and characterizes the walls, and conceals the sliding doors to the various rooms.

Walking through the dwelling toward the living area, a series of articulated and interconnected rooms follow one another, giving the residence ample breathing space by allowing natural light to pervade them completely.

By virtue of this condition of total illumination, materials with a powerful presence have been favored, obtaining solutions with a pleasant contrast. All this is emphasized by the presence of a large-format walnut floor that binds all house rooms.

The walls of the dining room and living room are painted in various shades of dark green, and they become the backdrop to the landlord’s collection of artwork.

Photography by Alessandra Bello

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- by Matt Watts