Treehouse Studio by Stilt Studios

Treehouse Studio is a wooden retreat located in Balikpapan, Indonesia, designed in 2022 by Stilt Studios.

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Stilt Studios Releases Treehouse Studio – The Epitome of Bali Hospitality Treehouse

Tucked away in a corner street in upper Canggu, Bali, the first two Treehouse Studios can be found overlooking vast rice fields, bringing travelers in touch with Bali’s nature while providing a memorable design experience with a unique 2-storey indoor-outdoor living concept. The treehouse is Stilt Studios’ latest studio hospitality unit, constructed as part of a complex of 4 buildings – an extension of Grun Canggu sitting on a site of 745 sqm. Designed with the intent to create an elevated weekend retreat space, the treehouse becomes a sanctuary outside of the constraints of everyday living.

“Thoughtfully positioned for unobstructed views of the glorious western sunsets, the iconic Treehouse Studio reimagines the idea of a two-storey indoor-outdoor living concept, allowing for two contrasting experiences for the guests,” says Therresa Shannen Budihardjo, Architectural Design Lead at Stilt Studios. The addition of the patio is driven by contextual design, captivating the senses while creating intimacy within the vast landscape. As guests arrive at the treehouse, they are invited to descend and relax in a private plunge pool, stretch out on a deck arrayed with comfortable sunbeds, or gather around the dining table complete with a BBQ grill. They ascend slowly into the treehouse through a spiral staircase to arrive at the warm, wooden interior of the Treehouse Studio, complemented by vibrant tones and indoor plants.

“For the interior of the upper level, we designed a non-specific, versatile environment that encourages a variety of small-space interactions,” says Cokorda G. B. Suryanata, Product Design Lead at Stilt Studios. Giving a nod to Japanese sensibilities and Balinese culture, the interior seeks to inspire guests and provide a space for contemplation and leisure. The furniture is thoughtfully designed to make efficient use of the limited space. Created as the heart of the space, the L sofa is designed for multiple functions, including lounging, storage, charging, and working.

The Treehouse Studio is the perfect place to pause, retreat, and recover. The outdoor patio unfolds towards an uninterrupted view of rice fields, creating a curated dining and lounging experience for short- and mid-term stays. The alfresco dining area below is thoughtfully shaded by the treehouse from the Bali sun and breeze blocks are installed along the perimeter to create privacy while allowing air to flow naturally. In the living room above, large glass sliding doors open up the interior to a large wooden balcony that extends the horizon into the expansive rice fields and embraces the surrounding natural environment. These units, which are managed under Grun Canggu, Stilt Studios’ own hospitality operations, provide optimized hospitality experiences. The 6×6 interior space extends out to a 9 sqm balcony to provide a total of 45 sqm upper living space, ideal for a one-bedroom getaway with 5-star hospitality standards. The studio’s open layout divides the main programs into two floors: sleeping, living, and bathroom above, with dining, lounging, and swimming below. The plans and drawing set are also made available for purchase from the designers to be built anywhere in the world.

In keeping with Stilt Studios’ ethos to “tread lightly on earth”, the Treehouse Studio utilizes prefabricated building elements and takes a conscious approach in selecting responsibly- sourced materials, using as much wooden materials as possible for carbon storage. On top of optimizing the process and reducing waste through prefabrication, Stilt Studios saves time and minimizes the carbon footprint in the construction process. In order to further reduce its environmental impact. In the design and construction of Treehouse Studio, Stilt Studios also collaborates with different vendors, including Inecosolar for solar panels and Sungaiwatch for recycled plastic bathroom panels. A total of 5.4kW solar panels are installed on the roof of the neighboring Studio N to help power the 4 buildings on the site.

Stilt Studios is currently finalizing the construction of 14 Treehouse Studio units, enveloped by a tropical forestry setting in the hills of Uluwatu, Bali, as part of Grün Resort Uluwatu, a truly unique hospitality property to be launched in Spring 2023. Stilt Studios is also proud to offer our drawings of the Treehouse Studio for purchase. Additional information to purchase the drawings and licenses can be find on Stilt Studios website.

Photography by Indra Wiras

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- by Matt Watts