Carezza House: A Modern Mountain Retreat in Bolzano

Discover Casa Carezza, a retreat blending tradition and modernity in Bolzano, Italy. Designed by Tara in 2021, it features a shingle-clad exterior and glazed facades that harmonize with the alpine setting. Inside, refined spaces crafted from wood, stone, and steel showcase local craftsmanship.

This retreat offers a unique experience of sophistication amidst the rugged mountains of Trentino.

Modern cabin with large windows set against a rugged mountain backdrop.
Modern interior with large window overlooking mountains.
Modern interior with wooden paneling and angular design.
Modern interior with angular concrete island and wooden slatted walls.
Modern dining area with wooden furniture and textured wall design.
Modern wooden house with large windows against mountain backdrop.
Modern wooden house with large windows nestled in a mountainous area.
Modern mountain home with a pitched roof and large windows against a rugged mountain backdrop.

About Carezza House

Welcome to Casa Carezza: A Year-Round Haven

Casa Carezza is more than just a house; it’s a retreat that feels like home all year round. The house has special windows that show off the stunning mountains. These windows also keep private areas hidden from nearby buildings. This design adds to the feeling of being away from it all.

A Nod to Tradition with a Modern Twist

The house has a unique outer layer that follows an old local building style. Over time, this will change and blend with nature. Casa Carezza is cleverly built into the land. Parts of it are even under the ground, lit by special shafts of light. This makes the house spacious inside while keeping it from standing out too much in the beautiful mountain scenery.

Innovative Design Meets Cozy Interiors

Casa Carezza has an interesting roof design, with two parts connected in a special way. This makes both the inside and outside of the house exciting and unique. The outside is tough, made to handle the mountain weather. Inside, it’s elegant and cozy. The use of wood, stone, and steel, crafted by local experts, makes the house warm and inviting. It’s a place to relax and appreciate the mountains, made for spending time together and being thankful.

Photography by Davide Perbellini, Hannes Niederkofler

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- by Matt Watts