Giusy Apartment: Francesco Cardano’s Italian Elegance

The Giusy Apartment in Gravina in Puglia, Italy, is a testament to contemporary design excellence, crafted by the renowned Francesco Cardano in 2023. This new construction apartment showcases refined modern style through its choice of materials and finishes. A striking feature is the large aquarium at the entrance, which not only acts as a stunning piece of decor but also cleverly integrates with the architecture. It enhances the open space, providing optical expansion and the ability to create a secluded atmosphere when desired.

Modern living room with a beige sofa, wooden wall paneling, and pendant lights
Modern living room with wood paneling and minimalist furniture.
Modern living room with artistic portrait, wire chairs, and wooden floor.
Modern living room with beige sofa, kitchen counter backdrop, and wood accents.
Modern living room with dining area, wooden floors, and stylish furnishings.
Modern dining room with wooden paneling and elegant pendant lights.
Modern dining area with a round table, pendant light, and sheer curtains.
Modern kitchen interior with island, pendant lights, and wooden accents.
Modern kitchen with wood accents, island, and pendant lighting.
Modern kitchen interior with wood paneling and unique pendant light.
Modern bedroom with wooden headboard and neutral bedding.
Modern kitchen with reflective cabinets, marble backsplash, and wooden accents.
Modern bathroom with unique lighting, wooden accents, and minimalist fixtures.

About Giusy Apartment

Sophisticated Design Elements

Francesco Cardano masterfully designs a new apartment, showcasing a modern and refined style. He meticulously selects materials and finishes, ensuring top-notch quality.

The Aquarium: A Centerpiece of Innovation

At the heart of this project lies a large aquarium, ingeniously integrated into the entrance. This feature not only complements the architecture but also becomes a focal point of the space.

Transformative Spaces

Furthermore, the aquarium adds significant value to the open space. It visually expands the area, yet possesses the unique ability to create a more intimate setting when needed.

This contemporary approach, combined with the apartment’s strategic location in Gravina in Puglia, Italy, culminates in a living space that is both aesthetically pleasing and functionally versatile.

Photography by courtesy of Francesco Cardano

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- by Matt Watts