Mountain Villa: A Modern Retreat in Rural Hebei

Discover the fusion of modern minimalism and traditional charm at the Mountain Villa in Hebei, China. Designed by Beijing Jimei Survey and Design in 2021, this unique property transforms rural living with three luxurious apartments and an additional unit for the owners.

Situated amidst breathtaking mountain vistas, each unit offers privacy with its own courtyard, yet fosters community through a shared social space. The use of bamboo and concrete echoes the local architecture, providing guests a serene retreat with a touch of authenticity.

Modern two-story house with large windows and a flat roof.
Modern courtyard with bamboo fencing, stepping stones, and potted plants.
Modern interior with curved wood walls and unique circular doorway.
Modern interior courtyard with circular walkways and a person standing center.
Circular skylight in a modern wooden interior design under a snowy sky.
Modern living room with wooden wall paneling, colorful cushions, and minimalist stairs.
Modern kitchen interior with long window view and minimalist furniture.
Person at a minimalist desk facing a large window with a mountain view in a modern
Modern courtyard with arches and warm lighting at dusk.
Modern outdoor terrace with a circular pool lit at dusk, mountains in the background.

About Mountain Villa

In the evolving landscape of rural China, significant investments are revitalizing agriculture, infrastructure, and tourism. This influx of capital has prompted locals to pivot towards the service industry, noticeably boosting their income. Consequently, a growing emphasis on the quality of living environments has emerged, alongside a desire to convert unused living spaces into accommodations for city dwellers.

Revolutionizing Rural Hospitality

Responding to these changes, our clients envisioned transforming their village homestead into a boutique hotel, consisting of three guest units and a larger, private residence for themselves. Our mission was to blend individual privacy with communal interaction seamlessly.

Designing for Privacy and Community

We strategically designed four two-story units, each boasting a private courtyard for solitude. Furthermore, these units come together around a spacious central courtyard, fostering a sense of community. Additionally, private terraces offer intimate views of the encircling mountains, while a grand terrace connects all units, serving as a communal hub for socializing and enjoying BBQs. This layout not only maximizes privacy but also capitalizes on the stunning mountainous backdrop.

A Nod to Local Tradition

Despite its modern purposes, the building maintains the village’s architectural essence. We employed bamboo and bamboo-molded concrete, materials both traditional and economical, to ensure the structure harmonizes with its surroundings. This choice reflects a deep respect for local traditions while introducing a modern twist.

Through meticulous design and a thoughtful choice of materials, we’ve created a space that bridges the gap between modernity and tradition, offering guests a unique, authentic experience. This project stands as a testament to the potential of rural hospitality, inviting urban visitors to explore the beauty and tranquility of China’s countryside.

Photography courtesy of Beijing Jimei Survey and Design

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- by Matt Watts