Casa Rav: Innovative Living by Lake Iseo

Unveil the elegance of Casa Rav, a contemporary apartment transformation by AC Design | Alessandro Consoli Design in Bergamo, Italy.

Set against the picturesque backdrop of Lake Iseo, this space is reimagined for a young family, merging functionality with aesthetic charm. At its heart, an innovative walnut wood feature stands, elevating both the home’s utility and beauty. With a striking contrast of warm walnut against cool marble and resin, Casa Rav presents a captivating harmony of natural textures within a tranquil environment.

Contemporary living room with teal accent wall and sleek furnishings
Contemporary minimalist living room with L-shaped sofa and wooden accents.
Contemporary dining area with emerald chairs, pendant light, and wooden bookshelf
Modern hallway with wood bookshelf, LED strip lighting, and an indoor plant.
Contemporary kitchen with marble backsplash and wooden shelving.
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinetry and built-in appliances.
Contemporary bedroom with teal accent wall, large plant, and beige bed.
Modern bedroom with large bed, wardrobe, and green plant.
Contemporary bathroom with marble walls and sleek fixtures.
Contemporary bathroom with glass shower and green marble walls.

About Casa Rav

Embark on a journey through Casa Rav, a classic 60s/70s apartment transformed into a contemporary haven. Spanning 80 sqm (861 sq ft) and nestled on the shores of Lake Iseo, this home caters to a young family’s evolving needs.

Revitalizing Space for Modern Living

The renovation focused on upgrading utilities and reconfiguring spaces for better functionality and growth. As a result, the apartment now boasts spacious, yet intimate living areas, making the most of transitional spaces and accessories. Furthermore, natural light floods every corner, thanks to strategically placed light wells and spotlights, creating ever-changing scenes.

The Heart of Casa Rav: Walnut Wood

A central walnut wood feature serves as the apartment’s vibrant core, housing most of the technical and operational elements. This piece accentuates the space’s geometry, functioning as a cabinet, a library, and a passageway between rooms. Visually, it acts as a warm backdrop, spiraling through each room and complementing other furnishings in the same material.

A Symphony of Textures

The apartment’s material mood strikes a balance between warm, tactile walnut wood and cooler, stone-like elements such as luxurious green Alpine marble and grey resin gress. This juxtaposition of textures creates a natural, inviting atmosphere that appeals to the senses.

In transforming Casa Rav, the design not only meets the family’s functional needs but also creates a visually stunning environment that celebrates the harmony between nature and modern design.

Photoraphy by Luca Carli Photo

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- by Matt Watts