Casa Infinita: A Modern Getaway in Noto by Gordon Guillaumier

Discover Casa Infinita, a vacation home in Noto, Italy, designed by Gordon Guillaumier. This house merges contemporary aesthetics with the Sicilian climate, offering a tranquil escape. With its innovative sun protection and seamless indoor-outdoor living spaces, it redefines modern holiday living, integrating beautifully with the semi-arid landscape of vineyards, olive trees, and the Mediterranean Sea.

Modern outdoor patio with seating by a pool and stone wall background.
Modern terrace with stone wall, wooden furniture, and open view.
Modern living room with a red feature wall, gray sectional sofa, and wooden accents
Contemporary living room with minimalist decor and concrete finishes.
Contemporary dining area with oval table and glass bubble chandelier.
Contemporary dining room with bubble pendant lights and wooden accents.
Contemporary outdoor dining area with geometric blue wall design and minimalist furniture.
Modern bedroom with terracotta bedding and minimalist decor.
Modern bedroom with neutral colors, exposed concrete, and colorful rug.
Contemporary bathroom with a vessel sink and green tile trim.
Modern bathroom with twin basins, tiled wall, and large mirror.
Sleek villa with poolside terrace and ocean view.
Contemporary poolside with geometric wall design and hillside view.
Contemporary infinity pool overlooking a scenic landscape with lounge chairs.
Contemporary building peeking over vibrant wildflower field under a clear blue sky.

About Casa Infinita

Welcome to Casa Infinita: A Modern Oasis

Casa Infinita, nestled in the serene landscape of Noto, Italy, stands as a testament to modern holiday homes. Designed by Gordon Guillaumier, this house uniquely combines the morphological and climatic characteristics of Sicily with contemporary aesthetics and comfort. At its heart, Casa Infinita uses a distinctive concrete finish, Nuvolato Architop® Ideal Work®, blurring the lines between indoor and outdoor spaces.

Seamless Integration with the Landscape

The architect embarked on this journey with the rugged, semi-arid terrain of Noto in mind, creating terraced levels to integrate the house seamlessly without disrupting the natural landscape. Inspired by mid-century American architecture, the design features vast openings to facilitate a dialogue between the interior and the Sicilian outdoors. These not only serve aesthetic purposes but also combat Sicily’s scorching heat by generating shaded areas, thus creating an oasis effect using architectural devices, awnings, and vegetation.

A Vernacular Modern Style

The design ethos of Casa Infinita leans towards a modern vernacular style, enhancing the ancient wisdom of living well in hot climates by introducing innovative elements. With the Mediterranean sun in mind, the house’s layout, construction materials, and architectural features are thoughtfully chosen to protect its inhabitants while enjoying the sprawling outdoor areas and pool. Terraces designed to create shade, along with cool, dimly lit interiors, reflect a deep understanding of local customs and modern design requirements.

Distinctive Touches and Light Play

Guillaumier added a whimsical touch by designing a poolside changing room adorned with white and blue striped majolica, nodding to traditional Sicilian style while offering a captivating focal point. Light plays a central role, with windows and glass doors casting pleasant patterns of light and shadow, bridging the gap between the interior and the terrace. The choice of Nuvolato Architop® Ideal Work® for both indoor and outdoor flooring emphasizes continuity, versatility, and a high aesthetic value.

A Palette Gravitated Toward Earth

Stepping inside, one experiences a subdued palette of browns and grays, brightened with touches of pink— a stark contrast to the conventional white-dominated vacation homes. This earthy color scheme, chosen by Guillaumier, stems from a desire to merge the house with its surroundings, allowing it to rise from the earth and merge with the sky. These tones, absorbing light and harmonizing with the blues of the sky and sea, offer a sense of profound peace.

Casa Infinita represents a modern escape, deeply rooted in its Sicilian context, offering a special retreat from everyday life through its contemporary look and relaxed vibe.

Photography by Andrea Ferrari
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- by Matt Watts