Apartment 801: A Modern Home with Traditional Touches

Located in Ahmedabad, India, Apartment 801 is a masterfully designed apartment by Neev Design Studio, tailored for a young couple and their daughters. Crafted in 2022, this real estate marvel seamlessly merges modern design philosophies with traditional elements, creating a cozy and aesthetically pleasing environment. From custom-made furniture to intelligent space utilization, the project encapsulates a home that reflects the family’s personality and lifestyle, making every corner meaningful and functional.

Modern living room with wooden accents and pastel furniture.
Elegant living room with geometric wall art, soft pink chairs, and wooden ceiling
Contemporary living space with wooden accents and a purple sofa.
Modern living room with sectional sofa and open kitchen.
Modern dining and living room with pastel decor, wooden ceiling beams, and marble
Modern kitchen with wooden cabinets and marble countertop.
Pink-themed bedroom with bunk bed, polka dot wall, and round mirrors.
Pink children's room with bunk beds, photos on wall, and plush toys.
Bright room with pink and white children's study furniture and a swivel chair.
Modern bedroom with an air conditioner, padded headboard, and decorative pillows.
Modern hallway with wooden paneling and a sideboard with decorative items.

About Apartment 801

Creating a Bespoke Family Home: Apartment 801’s Journey

Designed by Neev Design Studio for a vibrant young couple and their daughters, Apartment 801 stands as a testament to personalized living spaces in Ahmedabad, India. This project, completed in 2022, showcases how functionality and aesthetics can harmonize to reflect a family’s lifestyle and values. At every turn, custom-made furniture crafted by the designers introduces a unique narrative, setting this apartment apart.

A Welcome Bathed in Tradition and Modernity

Upon entering, visitors receive blessings from an elegantly placed Ganpatiji idol, setting a serene tone. The living area combines a pastel palette with lively turquoise highlights, inspired by S.H. Raza’s geometric expressions of nature. This space, sophisticated yet inviting, features tailored furniture, including a plush sofa and striking white circular tables. The ceiling’s wooden paneling directs movement flow, leading to a subtly partitioned dining space that fosters openness through its design. Here, a statuario marble-topped teak wood table stands out, surrounded by wooden chairs, encapsulating a modern take on traditional warmth.

A Master Bedroom: An Oasis of Elegance

The master bedroom serves as a sanctuary, showcasing a balance of comfort and style. A bed with an expansive suede-covered headboard and cantilever side tables emphasizes luxury and design foresight. Custom wooden panelling and a console table by Neev Design Studio enhance the minimalist elegance of the room. Every element, from the cohesive furniture to the suede touchpoints, contributes to a serene atmosphere, embodying a modern yet timeless essence.

Daughters’ Bedroom: A Room of Dreams and Sisterhood

Designed with love and attention to detail, the daughters’ room radiates warmth and joy. A versatile bunk bed adapts to playtimes and sleepovers, accompanied by a seamlessly integrated dressing table. Circles on the ceiling, each encasing a light, can backlight for an enchanting effect, adding to the room’s magical feel. The thoughtful layout prioritizes safety with rounded edges, ensuring a secure environment where imagination can soar.

Guest Bedroom: Simplistic Elegance

The guest bedroom echoes the apartment’s design ethos with its simplicity and functional elegance. The space-efficient furniture and soothing grey-white palette underscored by teak wood accents harmonize to offer tranquility and style. Highlighting Neev Design Studio’s innovation, a profile-light illuminated groove in the back wall and a hidden pull-out mirror in the wardrobe exemplify the project’s blend of aesthetic appeal and practical functionality.

Apartment 801 by Neev Design Studio not only addresses the need for a comfortable, stylish home but also demonstrates how spaces can reflect the personalities and lives of those living in them. Through thoughtful design and customized touches, the project achieves a seamless integration of modernity and tradition.

Photography by Inclined studio
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- by Matt Watts