DMS Apartment: Where Modernity Meets Mountain Serenity

Discover the DMS Apartment in Sauze d’Oulx, Italy—a masterpiece by Cohesion Studio. This modern apartment epitomizes contemporary Alpine design, blending nature with sleek, modern aesthetics. Perfectly nestled in the Alps, it offers a unique living experience that redefines mountain living.

Contemporary loft space with exposed wooden beams and geometric hanging decor.
Minimalist living room corner with a beige sofa, round rug, and abstract wall
Modern living room with exposed beams, green chair, and geometric light fixture.
Floating wooden steps on a minimalist staircase with a textured wall.
Modern kitchen corner with wooden beams, black table, and minimalist cabinetry.
Contemporary bedroom with dark wood accents and green textiles.
Modern bathroom with a wooden ceiling, glass shower, and stone sink.
Contemporary wooden house with cantilevered design.

About DMS Apartment

A Modern Haven Amidst the Alps: DMS Apartment

Nestled in the picturesque town of Sauze d’Oulx, Italy, the DMS Apartment stands as a testament to innovative design in 2023. Cohesion Studio has masterfully blended modernity with the mountainous backdrop, crafting a residential space that pays homage to its alpine setting while championing contemporary aesthetics.

Upon arrival, the exterior’s rustic charm is unmistakably Alpine. The innovative structure boasts traditional woodwork that coexists with modern lines, offering a hint of the interior’s seamless blend of old and new.

Inside the Mountain Retreat

The journey begins in the open living space, where the eye is immediately drawn upward to the intricate web of beams crowning the elevated ceiling. Designed to evoke both the grandeur of mountain peaks and the coziness of a modern loft, this room serves as the heart of the apartment.

Transitioning from the communal spaces, the private living quarters showcase a thoughtful attention to texture and color. In the living area, a plush sofa invites relaxation beneath the warm gaze of timber beams, accented by minimalist art and a soft, round rug.

Natural light cascades into the reading nook, where a bold green chair anchors the space—a nod to the verdant landscape outside. The juxtaposition of the contemporary design with the ruggedness of the Alps provides a sanctuary for contemplation.

The gravity-defying staircase is an architectural feat in itself, with cantilevered steps suggesting an ascent into a realm of serene privacy. The striking design piece is both sculpture and accessway to the secluded upper level of the apartment.

The sleek kitchen corner remains unobtrusive yet fully efficient. Dark countertops contrast with light cabinetry, embodying the apartment’s ethos: elegant simplicity.

An Abode of Sophistication and Comfort

In the bedroom, harmonious tones and sleek lines promote restful slumber. Delicate lighting casts a subtle glow against the wood-paneled fittings, contributing to the ambiance of refined tranquility.

The bathroom echoes the same philosophy—subdued hues and clean lines are at play, while natural materials are meticulously selected for both their beauty and their connection to the setting.

Finally, a step back into the crisp alpine air reminds one of the apartment’s Alpine grounding. The residence’s exterior, with its bold overhangs and expansive terrace, allows residents to savor the essence of life in the Italian Alps.

The DMS Apartment, designed in 2023 by Cohesion Studio, epitomizes the enchantment of its locale with an unspoken promise: here, modern design and natural beauty are in exceptional harmony.

Photography courtesy of Cohesion Studio
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- by Matt Watts