Sculptor’s Apartment: A Unique Prague Haven for Creativity

In the heart of Prague, Czech Republic, the Sculptor’s Apartment, designed by Neuhäusl Hunal in 2023, reimagines prefabricated living spaces. This innovative apartment integrates a glass workspace for sculptor and glassmaker Vladimír Bachorík, eliminating doors to maximize freedom, light, and spatial generosity. Through strategic use of U-profiled glass and a focus on hybrid typology, this project blurs traditional boundaries, offering a unique living and creative environment.

Curved glass partition dividing the room, creating a modern, minimalist aesthetic.
Modern interior with curved glass partition, minimalist decor, and potted plant.
Large curved glass walls divide the open space, creating a modern, airy ambiance.
Curved glass enclosure with built-in appliances in a modern minimalist interior.
Minimalist kitchen with steel shelving, modern sink, and large windows offering cityscape view.
Minimalist living room with industrial-style shelving, potted plants, and concrete walls.
Minimalist interior design with concrete cubes, plants, and floor-to-ceiling windows.
Modern bathroom with minimalist tiled walls, streamlined vanity, and sleek fixtures.

About Sculptor’s Apartment

Innovating Artistic Spaces in Prague

The Sculptor’s Apartment, nestled in a Prague housing estate, emerges as a beacon of innovation and creativity. Designed by Neuhäusl Hunal in 2023, this project transcends the ordinary confines of apartment living. Embracing the dual roles of a home and a vibrant workspace for sculptor and glassmaker Vladimír Bachorík, it redefines the essence of multifunctional living spaces. Rejecting the convention of doors, the apartment flourishes as a maximally open area, partitioned solely by the elegant arcs of U-profiled glass. These structures, beyond their functional role, serve as a homage to Bachorík’s artistic legacy, ensuring the continuity of light and openness.

A Fusion of Light and Space

At the heart of the Sculptor’s Apartment is a commitment to a seamless, uninterrupted flow of space. The strategic employment of U-profiled glass achieves a delicate balance—providing division without sacrificing the apartment’s inherent openness or the penetration of natural light. This design decision not only enhances the spatial quality but also aligns with the sculptor’s artistic practices, embedding his work’s ethos within the living environment.

Defining Spaces Unconventionally

Amidst its expansive layout, the apartment delineates specific functionalities through subtle architectural cues. The bathroom arch, elevated on a platform, commands attention while defining the realm of privacy within the open floor plan. Additional U-profiled glass curves discreetly signal the cloakroom, storage area, and an innovative, glass-enclosed kitchen—each space fluidly blending into the next without rigid segregation. This approach articulates Neuhäusl Hunal’s philosophy: a space unburdened by unnecessary physical barriers, inviting infinite possibilities for reconfiguration and personalization.

A Palette Reflecting Purity and Potential

The apartment’s aesthetic, grounded in simplicity and potential, refrains from the overt use of materials. White plaster walls and ceilings create a visual quietude, allowing the glass elements and the concrete load-bearing wall with its distinctive openings to stand as the protagonists. The design meticulously avoids overstatement, focusing instead on creating a backdrop that elevates the inhabitant’s life and work. The selective use of raw materials and the strategic lighting design further accentuate the unique character of each defined yet interconnected space.

By breaking down traditional boundaries and embracing a minimalist yet highly functional approach, the Sculptor’s Apartment stands as a testament to the possibilities inherent in modern urban living. It is a space that truly encapsulates the essence of freedom, light, and artistic expression, tailored to the needs of those who inhabit and create within its walls.

Photography by Radek Úlehla
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- by Matt Watts