Raga Svara: Redefining Wellness Spaces with Nature in India

Raga Svara, designed by Shanmugam Associates in 2022, is a cutting-edge wellness/spa retreat located in Rajkot, India. This project showcases a biophilic approach, prioritizing minimal architectural interventions to enhance the natural landscape. With a focus on therapeutic and ecological wellbeing, Raga Svara integrates lush greenery, local materials, and sustainable design to offer a holistic rejuvenation experience.

A modern courtyard with lush vegetation, slate tiles, and minimalist architecture.
A modern home with an open glass entryway, covered by an overhanging roof and surrounded by lush greenery.
Sleek, modern design with floor-to-ceiling windows, recessed lighting, and natural wood furnishings.
Striking concrete ceiling with recessed lighting, modern furnishings, and lush outdoor views.
Spacious yoga studio with modern architecture and colorful floor mats.
A modern concrete structure with a circular balcony, abundant natural light, and lush landscaping.
Circular atrium with lush tropical plants and reflective floor in modernist building.
A cozy bedroom with warm lighting, rattan furniture, and a view of a lush outdoor area.
A warm, inviting classroom setting with wooden furnishings, shelving, and natural light.
Stunning modern architecture with lush tropical landscaping, glass walls, and a bold art installation.
Modernist pavilion with floor-to-ceiling glass, overhanging roof, and surrounding greenery.
Sleek, modern pavilion with a swimming pool, wooden chairs, and a small table.
Sleek, modern pool area with lush greenery, reflecting pool, and architectural details.
A modern, multi-level residential building surrounded by lush greenery with a circular balcony.

About Raga Svara

Immersing in Nature: Raga Svara’s Design Philosophy

At the heart of Rajkot, India, Raga Svara represents a sanctuary where architecture and nature coalesce, inspired by the ancient wisdom of wellbeing. Designed in 2022 by Shanmugam Associates, this wellness and spa retreat is an embodiment of therapeutic and ecological harmony. The design takes a humble back seat, allowing the existing landscape—sprawling with old banyan and peepal trees—to lead the project’s vision. Floors merge seamlessly with the outdoors, walls offer panoramic views of lush greens, and roofs—simple, exposed concrete slabs—blend into the surroundings.

A Journey Through Raga Svara

The journey begins at the reception, where a landscape climbs onto the roof, creating an inviting path that offers a glimpse into the retreat’s ethos. The overarching roof, concealed by curtain creepers, sets a serene tone upon entering. Encircled by nature, key areas like the restaurant, library, and pool foster communal engagement amidst tranquility. Particularly, the library sits under a banyan tree, symbolizing a space of deep learning and reflection. Drawing inspiration from Gujarat’s stepped wells, the swimming pool area features symmetrically punctured ceilings and granite steps, augmenting the sense of serenity.

Retreating into Privacy and Luxury

Tucked away for utmost privacy, the treatment rooms at Raga Svara promise seclusion and tranquility. With manila tamarind canopies, breathtakingly landscaped restrooms, and therapy rooms bathed in natural light, these spaces offer an intimate escape. The 20 luxurious residences are built around a communal garden, showcasing Moringa cultivation against the backdrop of the western sunset. Each cottage boasts a private garden with a pool, nestled behind zen gardens, marrying privacy with communal wellness.

Sustainable and Local: The Core of Raga Svara

Raga Svara stands as a testament to sustainable and local practices. Navigating through the construction challenges posed by the pandemic, the retreat sourced regional materials and embraced local craftsmanship. The interior design, characterized by a rustic mood inspired by Indian Ragas, features natural stones and custom furniture crafted from solid teak and rattan. The retreat’s pathways, surrounded by verdant landscapes, invite guests to explore the flavors of Gujarati cuisine and find solitude in nature’s embrace.

Emphasizing a minimal footprint on the existing biodiversity of a 25-acre farm, every aspect of Raga Svara is designed to offer not just a place to stay, but a holistic experience to live, breathe, and rejuvenate in harmony with nature.

Photography courtesy of Shanmugam Associates
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- by Matt Watts