Favai Hills: Discover Unique Lake Garda Living Spaces

Favai Hills by Bergundtal redefines eco-luxury living in Garda, Italy. This unique house, veering away from traditional glass and concrete, utilizes natural materials like red Verona marble and incorporates advanced eco-friendly features. Each apartment’s distinct design harmoniously blends historic elements with modern touches, offering privacy and tranquility amidst breathtaking views of Lake Garda.

A modern, multi-level stone and wooden structure nestled in a lush, hilly forest landscape.
Cozy cabin-like interior with wooden beams, sleek kitchen, and sliding glass doors overlooking nature.
Spacious living room with wooden staircase, high ceilings, and large windows offering scenic views.
Cozy living room with modern furnishings, large window, and greenery accents.
Modern hotel room with exposed wood ceiling beams, plush bedding, and textured accent wall.
Elegant bathroom with modern vanity, round mirrors, and open shelving for storage.
Sleek, modern bathroom with minimalist design elements, including a circular mirror and glass shower.
Modern minimalist bathroom with wooden vanity, black countertop, and round mirror.
A stone-walled cottage with a wooden deck, patio furniture, and sliding glass doors.
Wooden cabin with deck overlooking lush greenery and lake, modern outdoor furnishings.
A multi-level wooden and stone structure with large windows and a porch overlooking a landscaped hillside.

About Favai Hills

A Harmonious Blend of Nature and Luxury

Favai Hills represents a remarkable departure from the usual architectural norms found around Lake Garda. Bergundtal, an architecture and interior design firm celebrated for luxury hotel projects, took a bold step by avoiding conventional materials like glass and concrete in favor of natural elements. The most striking feature is the extensive use of red Verona marble that adorns the external walls, giving the house a distinct, earthy elegance. This choice not only enhances the property’s aesthetic appeal but also reflects a deep respect for the surrounding natural landscape.

Sustainability at the Forefront

The design of Favai Hills places sustainability as a cornerstone. It integrates a photovoltaic system positioned above the parking area, underscoring the commitment to renewable energy. The house boasts triple-glazed windows— a rarity in the region— further demonstrating the project’s eco-conscious approach. These windows are instrumental in retaining warmth during the winter months while reducing the need for air conditioning in summer, thereby significantly lowering the property’s carbon footprint.

Unique Apartments with a Historic Twist

Each apartment within Favai Hills brings a unique flair, incorporating existing materials from the site. A notable transformation is the conversion of an old sheepfold into the Cantina Trust Bar, where the ancient stone vault is now a centerpiece. This blend of historical and modern elements is further enhanced by the inclusion of contemporary Karman lamps and custom-made furniture. Such details add to the bespoke nature of each living space, creating environments that are both unique and inviting.

Tranquility and Privacy in a Stunning Setting

Favai Hills offers an oasis of peace just 10 minutes away from bustling spots, with the ambient sounds of nature providing a serene backdrop. The property sits on three hectares of land, ensuring ample privacy for a maximum of eight residents. Each enjoys their own private garden, with the added luxury of sweeping views across Lake Garda and the surrounding mountains. This setting not only serves as a tranquil retreat but also offers a connection to the natural beauty of Italy.

Cultural Integration and Symbolism

The name “Favai,” meaning “squirrel” in the region’s old dialect, embodies the essence of peace and solitude. This choice reflects the project’s seamless integration into the trilingual culture of the area, symbolizing the intersection of German, Italian, and Ladin languages. The squirrel, as a symbol of the forest’s tranquility, perfectly encapsulates the ethos of Favai Hills, making it a sanctuary of quietude and privacy for its residents.

Photography courtesy of Bergundtal
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- by Matt Watts